Objective --------- Create the first public domain NoSQL Document Database. The database communicates using the DBN (Document as Binary) format both for requests and responses. This approaches allows a verify flexible and extendable model . ### Store ### - in memory : for simple use - on single archive : for convient small volumes, personnal needs or exchange - on file folder : for performance storage and big volumes - distante : for network and multiple clients ### Models ### - Table : well known design model for all purpose used with SQL queries - Document : convinient model to store and search in documents - Link : unlike foreign key in tables, links are direct references to objets, transversal query are more efficient, this approach is mostly used in graph models. ### Plugins ### Existing databases have very week models which make extensions very difficult or impossible, this is a crucial point for modern databases. they must be multi-purpose. Plugins will be able to add : - new field types - new index types - new functions - new connexion and query protocols